sábado, 3 de março de 2012

Rebel Rebel _|_

So soft, so sweet and then so imoral. That's what the society avoids and the chicks recommend. Who we'll trust? In ourselves, of course. Fashion is not what it seems to be. Is what makes we feel good, what make us rock. Rebel, rebel...
"You've got your mother in a whirl
She's not sure if you're a boy, or a girl
Hey, babe, your hair's alright
Hey, babe, let's go out tonight

You like me and I like it all
We like dancing and we look divine
You love bands when they're playing hard
You want more and you want it fast

They put you down, they say I'm wrong
You tacky thing, you put them on

Rebel, rebel, you've torn your dress
Rebel, rebel, your face is a mess
Rebel, rebel, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so"

David Bowie
(fotos retiradas do http://lookbook.nu/)

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